Business Solutions

ShopliftingBusinesses today face many threats. Shoplifting occurs on a daily basis in some stores and staff can pilfer stock and cash from a business, burglary and related offences are up more than 10% on the latest CSO figures (source: October 2012).

The recession means that most people have less to spend on essential items, and practically no disposable income. Competition on pricing is huge, to try and attract your custom, therefore margins are sacrificed and profit is lower.

Never before has it been as essential to protect cash, stock and premises in order to optimise profit.

Cash RegisterHall Alarms Ltd provide tailored security solutions to suit every business. Whether its building assets, cash, stock or personnel, we can advise on the best products to suit your situation. Payment plans and equipment financing can be arranged to suit budgets.

As the threats to businesses have become more sophisticated, so have the security solutions. Modern systems can now track people, in case of tiger kidnapping. Camera systems have become more interactive from remote/outside locations so intruders can be told to leave a site from the safety of a monitoring station. Technically advanced equipment can also protect against card cloning and jamming devices.

Features and Benefits of Business Solutions

  • Personal Alarm LocatorMobile Panic Alarm – Be protected EVERYWHERE!
  • Personal Tracking Device – Location devices in case of Tiger Kidnapping
  • New! Mesh Radio & World Sim Monitoring
  • Next generation remote control devices – Anti Cloning/Copying
  • Wired / Wireless Intruder Alarms – The Heart of every businesses security solution
  • Fire Alarms – Property Protection and Life Protection in case of Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Gas
  • Emergency Lighting Systems – To enable safe exit from a location in the event of failure of normal electrical 220 volt supply
  • Remote CCTVRemote Video Monitoring – Remote “Dial-In” by phone or PC to check site, or warn off intruders
  • Smokecloak – Visual restriction during break-in to protect High Value items
  • Remote Sites – Total Wireless and Battery operated solution for security cameras in remote sites
  • Lone Worker Devices – Health and Safety solution for people working alone
  • Man Down System – Health and Safety solution for people working alone
  • Till ScanTill Scan – Track Operator and customer transactions
  • Fuel Protection – Secure your Liquid Assets
  • Access Control – Control Entry and / or Monitor Attendance
  • Intercoms (Audio and / or Visual) – Verify identity before allowing Access
  • Gate and Barrier Automation – Control who Enters and Leaves a Property